About Us

About Us

Welcome To Green Mile Safari

We guarantee you a fantastic and unforgettable hunting adventure!!

Green Mile Safari was established in 2009 in Tanzania, East Africa. The company has been in tourism industry for more than 12 years in Tanzania, owning a block named Lake Natron (GCA) East which is good for hunting and photographic opportunities. The company is formed by professional hunters specializing in big game hunting and we strive to provide you with first class camps and facilities among the best in Tanzania complemented with stunning cuisines.

Customized Hunting Safaris

We have customized hunting safaris in order to suit your budget & requirements.

High Quality Trophy

We assist you to hunt the best quality trophies.

Well Maintained Vehicles

We have well maintained high quality vehicles customized specifically for hunting safaris.

Diverse Concession Areas

There are diverse concession areas around the camping site of Green Mile

10 +

Years of Experience

Why Choose Us!

Exceptional Big Game Hunting Ground

Green Mile is the proud owner of one of the top-notch Big Game hunting grounds in the world. We offer a wide variety of hunting experiences accompanied by a luxurious accommodation

Qualified Professionals

Our PHs, Guides, Trackers, Trophy Handlers/Skinners are highly trained and experienced.

Hunting Certification

We strictly adhere to the law and only engage in ethical hunting practices.

Our safaris will give you a taste of what it's like to hunt the fascinating and unpredictable big game.